Products and Services

You want a slick, captivating website. You believe it can promote your business. But where do you start?
In the very beginning you should ask yourself why you want a website: What do you want to show and tell the public? And what do you want to achieve with it?
Clarifying your objectives is very important as this will influence everything - the design of your website as well as the functionality that needs to be integrated into it.
While defining your goals, please keep three aspects in mind:

Number one: Your web presence is the first impression the public and most of your prospective clients will see of your business. People who don't know you personally will judge your business based on that; your website should therefore intrigue the viewer, portray what you are about and persuade him of your expertise and abilities. It also needs to reflect your style and your ethics.

Secondly: Besides serving as an online brochure and marketing tool, your website should simplify your daily work activities - be it by taking orders for you, sending out mass emails, providing your clients with shopping facilities or carrying out other automated tasks.

Lastly, Budget: Budget is important to everyone and a professionally designed website is not cheap! Don't waste your money trying to have "everything", but rather get less, but do it perfectly. A well designed website will have a better impact than a shoddy, cheap BIG website.

After ascertaining your goals, give us a call or send us an email, so we can discuss your ideas, requirements and preferences. We will consult you on your different options, work out a package that suits your needs, and email you a quote. As soon as we have your okay we are good to go - and make everything happen!


Quotex is a software that was developed and packaged in the year 2014 by the staff of Emalangeni technologies Pty (Ltd). Quotex is a Management software that can able to manage your paper work, Appointments and at the same time it can also generates Quotations, Invoices, Order, etc. also it can able to upload previous Invoices from hardcopy to soft copy.

We (Emalangeni Technologies) strive for quality and effectiveness in all projects held by the company,
thus all projects go through a panel of creative experts specializing in certain areas of technology as a result ensuring the utmost best quality of the service provided


Web Development

Once we have completed the graphic design of your website, we convert the design into a fully operational web page, or with other words: we bring it to life. This phase we call the "programming" or "development" of your website.

Programming is usually the most complex part in the website development process and exactly here lies our competitive advantage of skill and expertise. This is where we shine as a company. Over the years we have made a name for ourselves by developing high end web applications that can do what initially only PC based software could.

Our programmers are proficient in multiple programming languages including PHP, AJAX, HTML, CSS, MySQL and JavaScript. At Emalangeni Technologies we can program your website to perform just about anything you please. However complex your requirements are - with us you can be sure to receive a quality product that fulfils your every need.

We offer you the option to start off with a basic website that we can upgrade for you at a later stage if needed. This is possible as we build all of our products with a component-approach, meaning that additional components or functionality can easily be added to enhance your website. This gives you the freedom to grow your online presence, as your business and budget does.

Emalangeni Technologies has spent years developing our own in-house PHP development framework. Which allows quicker development of complex websites while maintaining a custom approach. All our sites are built using a MVC (Model View Controller) approach, utilizing OOP (Object Orientated Programming).

We do not use opensource frameworks such as System, Drupal, Wordpress etc

Web Hosting

Domain and Email Hosting

** New pricing and bandwidth with effect from 01 Janaury 2018


Monthly Fee
  • Once Off Set Up Fee
  • Disk Space
  • Traffic SA
  • Traffic Europe
  • Email Accounts


  • Free
  • 2 GB
  • 10 GB
  • 10 GB
  • 50


  • Free
  • 5 GB
  • 20 GB
  • 50 GB
  • 100


  • Free
  • 8 GB
  • 25 GB
  • 250


  • Free
  • 10 GB
  • 30 GB
  • 300


  • Free
  • 15 GB
  • 40 GB
  • 350

Point of Sale

More than 1000 companies use our Point of Sale to increase sales and streamline operations. Our Point of Sale is packed with all of the features you need to take your business to the next level. Don’t wait until the end of the month to see what’s selling (and what’s not selling!). With Point of Sale, you can analyse detailed reports daily.

Point of Sale has been implemented in a broad range of retail environments, including supermarkets, clothing and shoe stores, bottle stores, butcheries, gift shops, general dealers, takeaways, and restaurants.

Point of Sale comes complete with the following features:

  • Size and Colour Matrix
  • Bill of Materials
  • Pack Sizes
  • Embedded Barcodes
  • 3 Drill Down Categories
  • Tight Stock Control Management
  • Laybyes
  • Debtors and Creditors
  • Barcode Printing
  • Advanced Management Reporting
  • Detailed Discounts and Voids Reporting
  • FULL support for all POS support
  • Multiple Layered User Access

Everything Design

Design Philosophy

Whether its creating a corporate/brand identity, an online experience (website design), advertising or creative material in any other media. Creative should follow strategy whether that's a case of us helping you determine the correct one from scratch or fitting in with an overall brand strategy. We see each design as an opportunity to build and enhance your brand, therefore our design services are not seen as a simple value add to programming, hosting, and SEO services but as a fully fledged strategic design service in its own right.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers will design a unique webpage for you that will form together with your logo your corporate identity. Unlike other website developing companies we don't work from templates; each one of our websites is custom-made.

While drafting your design we concentrate on three things: to create a user friendly product that will leave an immediate impression, enthuse the viewer and make him want to read more.

How exactly do we achieve this?

First of all we grab the attention of your visitors by incorporating a catchy graphic element on your website that will entice them to read more. A well-formatted text will keep their interest subsequently on the page. Interestingly, web users pay more attention to text than images or graphics!

In terms of user-friendliness we will suggest a design to you that is intriguing, yet simple, clear and easy to navigate. Visitors want to understand your site and find what they are looking for as quick as possible. We will encourage you to highlight important items and key words in your copy, and use headings and subheadings; usually web users first scan a page looking for the relevant topic information and only read the rest afterwards. Our graphic designers will integrate a toolbar into your site, either across the top of the page or on the left hand side of the page, which will facilitate the navigation further.

We will avoid unnecessary and/ or overpowering visual elements that can stress visitors in their attempt to decode information and, ultimately, prompt them to exit your site.

At the same time we will try to maintain a balance between the text and picture elements as to create a visual flow. In order to improve the text readability for your users we will help you break up your information into blocks.

In terms of layout, the main focus of websites should lie at the top left of the page, gradually moving to the right. Our graphic designers know and consider this basic rule.

Even the size and type of the font on your website play an important role in terms of user-friendliness of your page. Web users like to read the information with ease - they don't like having to decipher the text, as much as they don't like having to step back and read it from across the room. San-serif types such as Arial and Verdana with sizes between 10pt and 14pt are the most popular fonts for on-screen reading.

When it comes to choosing your website background, we propose a clean, subtle option and refrain from background textures and graphics that are distracting, and make your text and images less noticeable. A background is ideally exactly that - a backdrop that doesn't take the focus from the main elements of the page. Generally, black text on white background results in a crisp, clean look which is easy to read. But if you prefer to use colours, we will ensure that the colours contrast with the colour of the text. We will, however, avoid dark or bright colours such as red and yellow, since they cause visual fatigue and prompt readers to lose their focus and stop reading the page.

In terms of scrolling, we advise our clients to go for vertical scrolling; horizontal scrolling tends to disorientate and frustrate users. Scrolling down should still be kept to a minimum - users won't scroll down endlessly and important information will get lost should they need to do so. Obviously, the key information should be placed at the top of the page. Any larger blocks of information we will try to place on additional pages and/ or links.

Users get impatient when a website takes long too load. We will therefore eliminate unnecessary graphics and reduce the use of scripts and in-line styles to make your pages load quickly.

Last, but not least we will integrate your unique and exclusive design elements into your website. The consistent and frequent use of your specific graphic style will leave a lasting impression on your visitors, and help them become familiar with it

Website and Logo Design

The design of your site plays a crucial role - it visually communicates your company to prospective clients. Your website should therefore look professional, distinct and persuading.

Before we start with the graphic design we analyze your indented audience to establish their preferences and expectations in order to create a product that will appeal to them.

We also evaluate the websites of your competition to determine your unique selling point in comparison to them - and decide on how we can make your website stick out from the crowd.

Designing your Logo

Based on your objectives and your target market, we will first start with the design of the most important graphic element: your logo. We will evaluate and adapt your existing logo or, if needed, create a new one for you from scratch.

But why is your logo so significant?

A well-designed logo will instantly give your audience a positive visual association to your business. It can influence the perceptions of the viewer. It will assure them that they are dealing with a professional without any further communication. Your logo is the entry point from where you attract your audience. Used consistently, it will instil a sense of familiarity and trust in your clients.

When your logo is combined with good business practices, it will become a visual association symbol for positive business qualities such as competence, reliability, and professionalism.

On the other hand a poorly designed or dull logo can damage your image, leaving the impression that you are unprofessional, backward or boring - and as a result discourage potential clients from contacting you.

You appreciate that a well-designed logo is very important for your business. However, what makes a logo "good"?

The first and the most obvious thing is that your logo must attract attention and capture your audience - which means it needs to be bold. It has to be unique and memorable, yet please the eye: simple colours and clear, uncluttered designs work in this regard best. Its shape must work as a unit: the image and the text should form a visual synergy and not look like two separate entities. A well-designed logo must also be durable. Emalangeni Technologies usually suggests classic approaches, since they stand the test of time better than current trends.

In terms of practicality, your logo should be scalable, and work on small formats (e.g. a letterhead) as well as on large ones (e.g. your building's signage). For the purposes of photocopies and faxes it should also translate well into black and white.

But first and foremost, your logo must reflect your business' character.

Sounds like a tricky task to solve? Don't worry - our experienced Graphic Designers will handle all of this for you. Not only that - they will even provide you with five options from which you can choose the most suitable one.

SEO Packages and Maintenance

One of the most common things web designers and clients forget about is Search Engine Optimization. About 70%, if not more, of South African websites are not Search Engine friendly. People seem to think that as soon as they have a website their business is going to boom. This is the biggest mistake people make when contacting a web design company who does not provide SEO as a service. SEO is an art, not a skill, which takes years to develop and refine. Good SEO is vital to any website's internet marketing strategy.


What is SEO and Internet Marketing?


As mentioned above SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the art of making a website search engine friendly. Search engines such as Google, Ananzi, Yahoo and MSN all use computer programs called "Robots" which crawl the internet from website to website, reading and indexing web pages. SEO is the process which makes your website visible to robots. The more a robot understands your website, the better your ranking will be across search engines.


Internet Marketing is probably the most effective and affordable way of driving business to your website.


We have years of experience in SEO and Internet Marketing. We have built a strong reputation as a company which can deliver. Don't be fooled! There are many companies out there who offer SEO, but only a handful who really know what they are doing.


Why is SEO so important?


People often under-estimate the importance of SEO. What most people don't realize is that if a website is not robot friendly, it could be banned or simply not indexed by Google. Which obviously defeats the purpose of having a website in the first place. Have you ever seen these flashy websites designed completely in FLASH? They look great, but they are completely invisible to search engines. Remember, it's impossible for a robot to "SEE" text contained in graphics or FLASH animations. Therefore they will not know what the website is about, and will therefore not be able to rank the page correctly.


Certain "SEO" companies try and trick Google, by repeating certain words often throughout the website, or making the text the same colour as the websites background colour. This will result in your website being banned and is known as keyword spamming. SEO is a very complex topic to write about concisely, so why not contact us for a detailed analysis of your existing website for FREE?


What do we do?


If you ask us to design and develop a website for you we will give your website a "once-over" to ensure that it is Search Engine Friendly, however if you have an existing website, and want more traffic the process is as follows:

  • We check all HTML code, and make sure it confirms to the industry standard
  • We check that all meta tags are correct, and that no duplication is present
  • The content of your website will be studied, from which 6 - 12 keywords are gathered for the entire website.
  • Each individual page is analyzed for a specific theme or topic, from which 3 main keywords are retrieved.
  • Keywords are then analyzed to make sure they are worth optimizing the specific page for that specific keyword
  • We repeat the process throughout the entire website and check the main keywords against the title and description meta tag
  • Once this is complete, we check the website against your competitors websites, and make various changes to ensure your site will outrank them
  • We may be required to add additional text or content to your website so ensure proper keyword density for the content, meta tags and title
  • After we are happy with the content, programming and meta tags, we will submit your website to over 150 search engines and a further 50 directory listing websites.

SEO and Google Adwords

There is a huge amount of work involved in the optimization (SEO) of a website. SEO is a process which must be managed almost on a full-time basis. Because of the cost implications to do this, we have designed a few packages which are paid monthly to suite your pocket and business.


R650 pm

This our entry level SEO package. It includes meta tag optimisation, content/copy writing and optimisation bi-annual reporting, keyword density analysis and Search Engine submission. Suitable for static sites of less than 10 pages.


R1250 pm

Includes everything in our MAXI package with competition analysis added. Suitable for dynamic (database) website that are updated typically through a CMS of sorts.


R2400 pm

This is our recommended package. The full house! With Social Media Marketing included.


R1500 pm

Interested in Google AdWords? Let us manage your Google AdWords account for you, by ensuring the best keyword use and budget optimization by trained professionals.