Emalangeni Technologies is a 100% black owned company which was established in 2009 but has been officially registered as a private company in 2012.

Since then, our team has grown continuously, in size as well as in experience. The company was founded originally with a main focus on Website development, Software development, Graphic design, Computer hardware and software trouble shooting and networking solutions, we have gained valuable in-depth knowledge and expertise in these fields and the best practices of ICT services.

Considering the ever changing needs of our industry we pride ourselves in being able to remain at the forefront of the latest technological innovations. From the outset our aim with Emalangeni Technologies has been to provide our clients with the best possible information technology products. To this end we have diversified and complemented our service offerings during the years. We make use of state-of-the-art source version control systems and project management tools to further optimise our development process. While making use of high-grade design proofing tools as used by leading international marketing agencies. Today we are proud to say that we can cater for the information technology needs of our clients in every possible way. We are based in Nelspruit, delivering modern, sophisticated, yet affordable, information technology products to clients locally and internationally.

Our Approach

Our Process from Start to Finish

Graphic Design

Step 1 in the process would be the graphic design, wire framing and general "layout" of your website. Our Creative Director will be in contact with you to discuss the general look and feel in terms of colors, style, message, your culture etc.

Technical Project Analysis and Specification

During the design phase of the project our Project Manager while create a technical specification document detailing the exact workings of your website based on your quotation. We will require your input to ensure that the design and development of your website is done exactly as you require.


Once the design and technical specifications are complete, you will need to provide us with feedback to ensure we have done what you want and all is correct. This step is very important for bigger projects!

Content Gathering

While any feedback is being processed, any content, images, logo's etc will need to be supplied to us. Basically any information you'd like on your website


Once the graphic design as well as all sub pages layouts including the technical specification is approved, the development of your website will start. It's important to note that we will only start building your website once all input is received and all design work is approved. We do it like this so that our developers can start and finish a project without pausing in the middle while we wait for bits of information, as this would delay the entire process.

Design and Development Audit

Once we are complete with your website, our Creative Director and Project Manager will do a complete Audit of the final project to ensure it conforms to the approved look and feel and technical specification document.

DEMO and Feedback

Once we are done with the project audit, you will be invited to come 'demo' your website either at our offices or online.

Finalisation and Launch

Any alterations that may need to be done after the 'demo' will be finalized after which your website is complete and ready for launch!

Emalangeni Technologies operates under a simple yet robust framework; combining quality, commercial efficiency and technical discipline and competence into a coherent, customer-centric model. We maintain a consistent approach to the way we conduct our business focusing on the core services and technology integration capabilities.

We achieve this by a set of principles at the highest levels and across the board. These principles govern all operation units’ core processes. Thus, we are able to provide our customers with excellent service and high quality resources.

We take the development of small brochure like web pages as much to heart as complicated websites that require the building of complex technology. Not the size or complexity of a project matters - what matters to us is to supply you, our client, with the best possible solution, whatever your need or budget might be.

Our People

Project Managers

We believe that two qualities establish a good product: high skill and dedication in what you do.

Emalangeni Technologies has handpicked a team of passionate information technology professionals who are specialists in their field. Each one of our team members brings many years of experience and in-depth expertise in their specific profession.

Our team consists of Project Supervisors, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Network Engineers , Hardware Technicians, Technology Operation Managers and specialists such as our Search Engine Optimisation experts who collaborate to develop the best possible solution for each of our assignments.

Graphic Designers

Our Graphic Designers will take care of you next. Their task is to conceptualise a unique logo for you and to draft a web site that reflects your business best. With their prolific software knowledge, in combination with their creative abilities they have designed dozens of very diverse projects ranging from small start up websites to large corporate company intranets.


The first step being consultation, and the second the creative design, the third entails the adding of functionality and practicality to your web site - and transforming it into a resourceful business tool. This is the task of our Programmers and Software Developers who work closely with our graphic designers to ensure a sound and solid product that is not only visually appealing, but also empowers your business and saves you cost through its practicality.

Since the requirements of our clients vary from one another, we employ programmers who master different programming languages - among them PHP, ASP, Javascript, AJAX and MySQL. This highlights another advantage that we have compared to other companies who usually work with one language: We can freely pick from a number of programming tools; the one that fit your needs best.

Operation Managers

Last but not least, we employ Technology Operations Managers who work behind the scenes. As the internet and all related technologies grow and change incredibly fast, they are exclusively focused on keeping our technologies up to date. This being the ongoing development of our own in-house PHP development Framework. But how do you as our client profit from our Technology Operations Management?

Improving our systems and technology on a regular basis means that you are provided with products that include the latest technology, and that are a developed for you in the fastest possible time. On top of that you can count on receiving the best services available.

Selected Clients


    • Themba Zulu

      Department of Culture, and Recreation Sports

      Good Day

      We hereby confirm that Emalangeni Technologies has been our trusted Internet service supplier in the public libraries. We attest that Emalangeni is proficient, professional, adequate and prompt when it comes to the service, he connected one of our sites within 24 hours. We have been dealing with them for the past few years now and we have never experienced any delays in delivery or any problems with their service. They have given us nothing but professional service before and after the installation.

      We highly recommend Emalangeni Technologies as we believe they have great experience and expertise in dealing with anything that is IT or Internet related. We commend their customer services and turnaround time in


      Themba Zulu

    • Ms Zama Adegboyega

      National Library


      This serves to confirm that Emalangeni Technologies is a trusted supplier of IT Equipment and consumables. The National Library of South Africa appointed the service provider recently for one of our major ICT procurement delivery and did not experience any delays. We highly recommend Emalangeni Technologies as they provide excellent services.


      Ms Zama Adegboyega

    • Ms Colleen Moosa

      Office of the Premier


      This serves to confirm that Emalangeni Technologies is a trusted supplier of IT Equipment and consumables. The Office has dealt with them for the past few years and has not experienced any delays in delivery or had any problems with the required delivered goods.

      We highly recommend Emalangeni Technologies as they provide excellent services and have a team of qualified staff who is readily available to handle any IT queries.


      Ms Colleen Moosa

    • Pastor S.E Nkosi

      Phumelela Bible College

      Hi Guys

      The website looks great and works well! It has been a pleasure working with all of you to get the site to this stage. I look forward to working with you guys to continously update and improve on it and also to get SEO going.

      Thanks so much for being so accommodating.


      Pastor S.E Nkosi

    • Prince

      Mkhuhlu Spares

      Hi S'fiso

      Thank you so very much for your excellent service; it was a pleasure working with you too. I will definitely recommend your firm and hope to send you some more business.

      All of the best